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Dr. Dorree Lynn

I love the idea that there is a contemporary retirement coach.

Dr. Dorree Lynn

Jay S. Daughtry, M.Ed.

Glad I ran across your site! Loved the Zimmers video!

Bridget Reno

It is great to have such a rewarding job as to be able to help senior citizens have the best retirement possible. The more you give, the more relaxing and stress free their retirement will become. Most people nearing retirement age decide to buy a new house and settle down in a nice area. I don't believe that any senior citizen should carry the burden of having to do the labor part of moving. There are numerous companies out there standing by willing to assist you with your move. Whether you need help packing, loading, renting a storage unit, unloading, or even if you need available boxes for the move. There are some great companies out there.

Your Retirement Plan

Someone who can coach people through retirement is a great idea. Tons of people have great aspirations, but a great coach to push them there, and the right source of information are the perfect formula for success.


Great retirement articles. I sent a couple to my friends.

Ann Harrison

Thanks, Lauren - I appreciate that.

Unstoppable Family

“The most important things in life aren't things.”
You got some great material on here, I see why people love your blog so much. Will make sure we subscribe to rss and keep up with your new stuff. Thanks so much for writing. Me and my family are on 3 year trip around the world having a blast. Come visit our blog we update with all types of crazy stuff.

Unstoppable Family
Brian and Rhonda Swan

Ann Harrison

Hi Brian and Rhonda. What a fabulous lifestyle you have! Thanks for stopping by and inspiring us... Ann

Cara Larose

My husband and I decided to go around the world when we retired. But you're idea is nice too; maybe we should also take into consideration how to spend wisely as seniors. My husband took a housing community for both of us where we'd stay together the rest of our lives. But before all that we, will go back to Pennsylvania to exchange our vows again and sail the seas according to plan.

Ann Harrison

Your 'round-the-world' trip sounds great, Cara. Looks like you've got a lot to look forward to... All the very best to you both. Enjoy your retirement.


Cara Larose

Thanks Ann! May you be blessed! All the best for you too.

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