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It's surprising what you'll miss...

Car park spaceIf you can't wait for retirement and you've already started checking off the days on your calendar, you may be surprised to find that, once you retire, there are some things you might miss about work.  

1.  You might miss the challenge of the work you used to do.  Well, you probably won't miss the stress that used to accompany the challenge, but the feelings associated with being challenged - feeling stretched, the pressure to come up with solutions to a problem and the satisfaction of overcoming the odds when you succeed.

2.  Many retirees miss the daily banter that is part and parcel of being at work - the jokes, the witty repartee, the sarcastic quips and the camaraderie.

3.  Retirees who had fairly eventful jobs have reported that they miss the drama associated with being at work - and that even though the drama could be stressful, it was never boring.

4.  Other retirees have said that, now that they're retired, they long for some responsibility.  Even the ones who had found work after retirement tended to be working in part-time jobs that were fairly undemanding. They often found these jobs to be unfulfilling and longed for some responsibility and the satisfaction of having done a good day's work

5.  Many retirees report that they miss having some space between them and their partner - this came from both male and female retirees.  Females were concerned about husbands getting under their feet.  Males were concerned about being at the mercy of their partner's  'just do lists'

What do you think?  Have you recently retired and found yourself bumping up against some unexpected feelings and emotions?  Do you know someone who retired and found themselves struggling to cope with no longer being in the workplace?  What will/did you do to help you get over it?


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