How to Become an Online Infopreneur

Solution Depositphotos_13165668_s-2015Information marketing has taken the internet by storm. As more and more people begin utilizing digital information, and reading and learning online, more opportunities open up for information marketers. If you have specialty information or have a passion for a topic, information marketing may be the perfect business model for you.

What Is an Online Infopreneur?

An online infopreneur is someone who makes a living selling information. It can be a very profitable business model. An example is someone who is an expert when it comes to bird training. They have a passion for or a strong interest in training birds. They might create training manuals, videos and courses on how to train your pet bird. The information could range from beginner to advanced tricks like how to train your parrot to play dead. Sounds crazy, right? I mean, who needs to train their parrot to do that? Believe it or not, there’s a market for it.

An online infopreneur’s first job is to determine what their passions are and if there’s a market for it. You might begin by making a list of the topics you’re knowledgeable in or passionate about. Then you begin your research. Using keyword research tools and investigating online, you’d look to see if people are searching for that topic.

Continuing with the parrot training topic, perhaps that infopreneur began with a passion for birds. They found during their research that many people were struggling with their exotic birds. They were biting and screaming and being generally unruly. This infopreneur then saw that there weren’t a lot of other businesses providing information on the topic. In short, there was a good demand for the information but not much supply. This is the perfect opportunity to create an information marketing business.

So your first step is to find your interests and passions. Your second step is to research them for profitable niches. A niche is a specialty topic. It can also be a demographic like teen bird trainers or bird training in the desert south-west. Or it can be a skill level - beginner bird training, for example.

Once you’ve chosen a niche, it’s time to create your website and information products. Your website will be dedicated to helping your audience learn what they need to know or want to know about your topic. You might post free article or video content. You may offer free reports and digital downloads.

Once you have people interested and accessing your free information, you can take them to the next step which is to offer them a product to buy. Often this is an ebook, an online course or a video series. The information products that are successful generally solve a problem for their audience. For example, “How to stop your parrot from biting.” You may uncover common problems during your research or you may need to do additional research to find the answers.

If you have a passion, interest or specialty knowledge about a topic, consider using that to create an information marketing business. It’s a great way to make an income. Some information marketers have gone on to make millions from their books, courses and videos. Here's to your retirement business success!

How to Turn Your Jewellery Making Hobby into a Successful Retirement Business

Hobby Depositphotos_55029521_s-2015
Do you enjoy making jewellery and wish there was a way to make money from it? Good news - there is. You can turn your jewellery making hobby into a successful retirement business. Full time, part time or somewhere in between, you can create a business selling your jewellery. Here’s how:

#1 Research your competition and your market. The first step to creating a successful business is finding a unique niche or market. If you make a variety of jewellery types and styles, then there’s a great chance you can find a unique niche. Research online to learn who your market is and who your competition may be.

In addition to researching jewellery websites, also visit, eBay and other seller websites to see what’s available there. Based on your research, determine the approach you want to take. Do you want to specialize in single stone rings? Do you want to specialize in zodiac jewellery? Or wedding jewellery?  What’s your unique niche?

#2 Create your inventory. In addition to having a range of stock to sell, you can take photos of your items for your online catalogue. Potential customers will want to see samples, and the photos of your jewellery will motivate them to purchase. Have fun with this part of the business-building phase and do your best work.

#3 Price your jewellery. This is the fun part; don’t underprice your jewellery because you want to sell it. Price it for what it’s worth, price it to make a profit, but price it competitively. This will require a bit of research.

#4 Create your website, or have someone create it for you. Your website needs to accomplish several goals. It needs to market your business and your jewellery and provide the opportunity for people to order your creations and pay for them. This can be accomplished by using several approaches, including ensuring your website has search engine friendly content, a product catalogue and information about you and your art. You’ll also need some way for people to order jewellery, a shopping cart system, and a fulfilment procedure.

#5 Consider creating stores on other websites like, eBay, or even These sites offer you the ability to create ‘stores’ and they manage the shopping cart and search engine aspect of business. It can be a great way to start out.

#6 Market your jewellery. There are various ways you can market your business. In addition to creating stores on the websites mentioned in #4, you can also advertise online or utilize content marketing and search engine optimization tactics to drive traffic to your website. However, don’t forget your community. Friends, family, and local advertising can be a wonderful way to get your first few clients. In fact, word of mouth is one of the best marketing tactics there is.

For example, you could host a home party to sell your jewellery, or give it to family to wear with the agreement that they hand out your card every time someone compliments them on their jewellery.

I hope that's convinced you to give it a go!  Launch your business, get your beautiful designs out there and make money from your jewellery hobby. Have fun with it and enjoy the process.

How to Turn Your Ideas into e-Books

EbooksInformation marketing is a wonderful business model. It can be quite lucrative as a standalone retirement business and you can also incorporate it into an existing business model for more profits and credibility. However, sometimes taking that leap from idea to e-book can be quite a challenge. Here are a few ideas to get your idea turned into an e-book reality.

#1 Get someone else to write it. No, we’re not talking about hiring a ghostwriter, though that’s certainly an option. Some of the best e-books are actually collections of articles written by industry experts.

For example, if you have a website devoted to dog training and want to write an e-book about training your dog unusual tricks, you could ask ten animal trainers to each contribute their favourite trick to the book. Each dog trainer would get exposure for their business in the book and you’d get a complete, and quite valuable, e-book to sell. You didn’t have to write a single word!

#2 Break it down. Sometimes the hurdle between book idea and actual product is a feeling of being overwhelmed. There’s an easy way around that challenge. Break your main topic into ten to twenty supporting topics. It may be easier to pose them as questions.

For example, an e-book on sales techniques might have the following supporting points or chapters:

  • What are the benefits of better selling?
  • How do listening skills play a role in increased sales?
  • How important is relationship building?
  • Should I network for more sales?

Each of these supporting chapters can then be divided even more into ten or more supporting points. Thus, for a ten chapter book you end up with 100 smaller, almost article size, topics to address. It makes writing a book much more manageable.

#3 Turn to audio. Some people just don’t have the time or the inclination to write a book, but still want the results. No problem. You can create an audio file instead. There are actually two ways to approach this. You can interview people on your topic, have the interviews transcribed, edited and polished. Then compile them into an e-book format.

Or you can simply speak your book and then have someone transcribe it and edit and polish it into an e-book. For some, it’s easier to flesh out their ideas if they’re talking. If this is you, consider recording your book instead of putting fingers to keyboard. Additionally, there is software like Dragon Naturally Speaking that will transcribe your audio for you. This saves you the cost of a transcriptionist, though you may still want to hire someone to edit and polish your book.

Finally, though we did mention it in the beginning, if you do have an idea for an e-book but don’t have the time or inclination to turn it into a reality, then consider hiring a ghostwriter. Look for one who is experienced with writing books. Discuss your needs and work together to turn your idea into e-book profits.

Is it really possible to find lucrative work-from-home positions?

Working from home has become a necessity for many retirees. The economic downturn and its impact on savings income have led many to search for more creative ways to make money. For people who hoped that they'd already said 'adios' to corporate life, a work from home position, either as your own boss or working for someone else, is often appealing. But is it truly possible to find a well-paying job this way?

In a word – yes - it is possible to work from home and make money. If you're short of cash and need a retirement job but also want flexibility, there are definitely opportunities available to you, however, there are challenges associated with working from home that you need to think about whilst you're considering how to go about it.

Avoiding Becoming a Mark

For those who don’t know, a 'mark' is the target for scammers. These people make money by preying on the desperate. When you need money to feed your family or keep your house, even 'too-good-to-be-true' offers seem reasonable if they seem like they'll ease the financial burden. Unfortunately, they only serve to strip you of what's left of your hard-earned money.

Here are a few things to watch out for when looking for legitimate work-from-home positions.

Avoid requests for money – Any opportunity that asks for you to pay them for the privilege is a waste of time. Once you give them the money, they send you information about possible jobs or simply tell you what you already know. But, there's no job waiting for you.

Avoid getting rich quick – If there was a way to make thousands of pounds or dollars a week stuffing envelopes, everyone would be doing it. Consider the source. If it is just a phone number without any other kind of contact, that’s suspicious. Besides, who would pay that type of money for that kind of work? Think realistically before taking the plunge.

Finding Work

Check freelance sites – One way to always make money is to freelance. Website businesses are always looking for writers to provide content for their sites and blogs. If you are a website programmer, designer or an expert in copywriting, you can find opportunities at sites like Elance, Freelancer, Guru, iFreelance, HireWriters and LogoMyWay.

Look in local papers – Companies sometimes hire for customer service jobs that can be done from home. As long as you have a computer and access to the internet, you can have calls routed to you for answering. It may require you to visit the main facility for training but then you can conduct other business from home. In the U.S., medical offices hire freelance medical coders and transcriptionists. If you have the expertise, you can hire yourself out to a number of offices.

Use your creativity – Some work from home positions can stem from your talents and interests. If you can sew, set up shop as a seamstress. If you have a passion for gardening, you could provide your services to people who like to have a nice garden but don't have the time to keep it looking good.  People have been setting up stores on eBay for years now.  If you're into 'making things', sell your creations via an online store or auction.

It is possible to find ways to work from home and make money. Watch out for scams but be diligent in pursuing opportunities and gaining the knowledge to expand and take advantage of other lucrative propositions.  You could discover you have entrepreneurial tendencies that you never dreamed existed!

Buy Less and Be Happier!

No stuffThe notion of buying less and being happier runs contrary to the more popular concept of 'more (and bigger) is better'. As more and more people become disillusioned with all their 'stuff', the idea that buying less can actually make you happier is beginning to take hold. (And, let's face it, with what's happened to pensions and interest rates over the last few years, some retirees just don't have a choice!) 

Here are some suggestions on how you can buy less and be happier:

1. Distinguish between needs and wants. Before making a purchase, ask yourself why you're buying it. How will your life be better with that particular item in your home? Can you afford it? Does it have a practical use?

2. Spend time, not money, with your family and friends. This is the key to being happier with buying less - you will cultivate more meaningful relationships instead of spending money on stuff. Think in terms of relationships, not things. This may require a shift in priorities and, for some, may mean learning to put people ahead of material items. If you accomplish this, life will be much more fulfilling.

3. Learn (or relearn) to refurbish and fix used items, and learn to create and build. Often, these times of creativity can also be times when you come together with friends and family to get a job done. In other words, DIY can help you be happier! 

4. Pay cash or write a cheque whenever you buy something. This is a safeguard against debt, which is, of course, one of the biggest robbers of happiness there is. You'll be much happier buying less if you can also look at it as way of incurring less debt.

5. Change your perspective about the role of stuff in your life. Think about the big picture before making purchases - will owning this item make me a better person? If I buy this electronic gizmo, will the world (or even just MY world!) be the better for it?

6. Take time to find out what true happiness means to you. When you're not trying to fill some imagined void with material things, it gives you some breathing room to figure out just what makes you tick. Accumulating stuff is probably not what really makes you happy. Dig deep and learn something about yourself. Keep a journal, meditate, spend time alone...

When you begin to cultivate relationships instead of buying more and more stuff, you might just find that you become much happier.


If you're due to retire in the near future, my free eCourse, The 6 Stages of Retirement, will give you a birds-eye view of the retirement process so you know what to expect. It includes a list of the major pitfalls at every stage of the process and self-coaching questions to help you avoid those pitfalls...

Retirement Business Ideas beginning with 'C'

From the list of 1000 Business Ideas, here are the all the ones that begin with C.  Hope you'll C one you like!  (Sorry, couldn't resist it!)

159. Cabin Rental
160. Cabinet Making
161. Cake Decorator
162. Cake Making and Decorating Supplies
163. Cake Shop
164. Call Center
165. Calligraphy
166. Campground
167. Camping Equipment
168. Candle Making
169. Candle Making Equipment and Supplies
170. Candy Store
171. Candy Wrapping
172. Car Accessories
173. Car Alarms
174. Car Detailing Service
175. Car Insurance
176. Car Racing
177. Car Race Track
178. Car Rental
179. Car Sales
180. Car Service
181. Car Wash – Full Service
182. Car Wash – Self Service
183. Cardiologist
184. Care Packages
185. Career Counseling
186. Carpet Cleaning
187. Carpet Installation
188. Carpool Service
189. Cartography
190. Cartoonist
191. Casino
192. Cat Breeder
193. Catalog Publishing
194. Caterer
195. CD Duplication
196. Cell Phone and Accessories Sales
197. Cemetery
198. Ceramic Tile Equipment and Supplies
199. Ceramic Tile Installation
200. Ceramic Making
201. Ceramics Store
202. Charter Flights
203. Chartered Accountant
204. Chauffer Service
205. Child Identification
206. Child Proofing Service
207. Childbirth Instructor
208. Children’s Book Author
209. Children’s Party Planner
210. Children’s Camps
211. Children’s Day Camps
212. Chimney Cleaner
213. Chimney Contractor
214. Chiropractor
215. Chocolate Shop
216. Christmas Ornaments
217. Christmas Tree Farm
218. Christmas Tree Sales
219. Civil Engineer
220. Clipart
221. Closet Organization
222. Clothing Alterations and Repairs
223. Clothing Design
224. Clothing Store
225. Clown
226. Coffee Shop
227. Coin Dealer
228. Coin Laundry
229. Collection Agency
230. College Application Service
231. Comic Book Shop
232. Commercial Building Inspection Service
233. Comptroller
234. Computer Animation
235. Computer Programmer
236. Computer Repair
237. Computer Sales
238. Computer Support
239. Computer Training
240. Concrete Construction
241. Concrete Repair
242. Consignment Store
243. Construction Services
244. Contact Lenses
245. Convenience Store
246. Convention Center
247. Cookie Shop
248. Cooking School
249. Copy Editor
250. Copy Service
251. Corporate Gifts and Baskets
252. Corporate Trainer
253. Correspondence School
254. Cosmetics Shop
255. Costume Maker
256. Costume Rental
257. Costume Store
258. Coupon Books
259. Courier Service
260. Craft Business
261. Craft Classes
262. Craft Kits
263. Craft Supplies
264. Credit Counseling
265. Crematorium
266. Cricket Farming
267. Crime Scene Clean Up Service
268. Crochet
269. Cafeteria Services
270. Cross Stitch
271. Cupcake Store
272. Custom Bird Cages
273. Custom Car Art
274. Custom Jewelry
275. Custom Mailboxes
276. Custom Pet Bowls
277. Custom T-Shirts
278. Business List Service
279. Customs Broker