It's surprising what you'll miss...

If you can't wait for retirement and you've already started checking off the days on your calendar, you may be surprised to find that, once you retire, there are some things you might miss about work. 1. You might miss... Read more →

What's happening in Greater Manchester this week?

There's always something happening in Greater Manchester... here's a round-up of some of the activities and events coming up for week beginning 22 June from our Manchester Retirement blog: Fancy a dance? Then put your dancing shoes on and get... Read more →

Great Quotes: On getting your retirement butt into gear

“When you’ve worked all your life, and you’ve worked hard, long hours, then all of a sudden there’s nothing, it leads to a blank mind and you’ve got to find something to do otherwise you’ll go stir-crazy. You can’t get... Read more →