How to Become an Online Infopreneur

Solution Depositphotos_13165668_s-2015Information marketing has taken the internet by storm. As more and more people begin utilizing digital information, and reading and learning online, more opportunities open up for information marketers. If you have specialty information or have a passion for a topic, information marketing may be the perfect business model for you.

What Is an Online Infopreneur?

An online infopreneur is someone who makes a living selling information. It can be a very profitable business model. An example is someone who is an expert when it comes to bird training. They have a passion for or a strong interest in training birds. They might create training manuals, videos and courses on how to train your pet bird. The information could range from beginner to advanced tricks like how to train your parrot to play dead. Sounds crazy, right? I mean, who needs to train their parrot to do that? Believe it or not, there’s a market for it.

An online infopreneur’s first job is to determine what their passions are and if there’s a market for it. You might begin by making a list of the topics you’re knowledgeable in or passionate about. Then you begin your research. Using keyword research tools and investigating online, you’d look to see if people are searching for that topic.

Continuing with the parrot training topic, perhaps that infopreneur began with a passion for birds. They found during their research that many people were struggling with their exotic birds. They were biting and screaming and being generally unruly. This infopreneur then saw that there weren’t a lot of other businesses providing information on the topic. In short, there was a good demand for the information but not much supply. This is the perfect opportunity to create an information marketing business.

So your first step is to find your interests and passions. Your second step is to research them for profitable niches. A niche is a specialty topic. It can also be a demographic like teen bird trainers or bird training in the desert south-west. Or it can be a skill level - beginner bird training, for example.

Once you’ve chosen a niche, it’s time to create your website and information products. Your website will be dedicated to helping your audience learn what they need to know or want to know about your topic. You might post free article or video content. You may offer free reports and digital downloads.

Once you have people interested and accessing your free information, you can take them to the next step which is to offer them a product to buy. Often this is an ebook, an online course or a video series. The information products that are successful generally solve a problem for their audience. For example, “How to stop your parrot from biting.” You may uncover common problems during your research or you may need to do additional research to find the answers.

If you have a passion, interest or specialty knowledge about a topic, consider using that to create an information marketing business. It’s a great way to make an income. Some information marketers have gone on to make millions from their books, courses and videos. Here's to your retirement business success!

Retirement Business Ideas beginning with 'C'

From the list of 1000 Business Ideas, here are the all the ones that begin with C.  Hope you'll C one you like!  (Sorry, couldn't resist it!)

159. Cabin Rental
160. Cabinet Making
161. Cake Decorator
162. Cake Making and Decorating Supplies
163. Cake Shop
164. Call Center
165. Calligraphy
166. Campground
167. Camping Equipment
168. Candle Making
169. Candle Making Equipment and Supplies
170. Candy Store
171. Candy Wrapping
172. Car Accessories
173. Car Alarms
174. Car Detailing Service
175. Car Insurance
176. Car Racing
177. Car Race Track
178. Car Rental
179. Car Sales
180. Car Service
181. Car Wash – Full Service
182. Car Wash – Self Service
183. Cardiologist
184. Care Packages
185. Career Counseling
186. Carpet Cleaning
187. Carpet Installation
188. Carpool Service
189. Cartography
190. Cartoonist
191. Casino
192. Cat Breeder
193. Catalog Publishing
194. Caterer
195. CD Duplication
196. Cell Phone and Accessories Sales
197. Cemetery
198. Ceramic Tile Equipment and Supplies
199. Ceramic Tile Installation
200. Ceramic Making
201. Ceramics Store
202. Charter Flights
203. Chartered Accountant
204. Chauffer Service
205. Child Identification
206. Child Proofing Service
207. Childbirth Instructor
208. Children’s Book Author
209. Children’s Party Planner
210. Children’s Camps
211. Children’s Day Camps
212. Chimney Cleaner
213. Chimney Contractor
214. Chiropractor
215. Chocolate Shop
216. Christmas Ornaments
217. Christmas Tree Farm
218. Christmas Tree Sales
219. Civil Engineer
220. Clipart
221. Closet Organization
222. Clothing Alterations and Repairs
223. Clothing Design
224. Clothing Store
225. Clown
226. Coffee Shop
227. Coin Dealer
228. Coin Laundry
229. Collection Agency
230. College Application Service
231. Comic Book Shop
232. Commercial Building Inspection Service
233. Comptroller
234. Computer Animation
235. Computer Programmer
236. Computer Repair
237. Computer Sales
238. Computer Support
239. Computer Training
240. Concrete Construction
241. Concrete Repair
242. Consignment Store
243. Construction Services
244. Contact Lenses
245. Convenience Store
246. Convention Center
247. Cookie Shop
248. Cooking School
249. Copy Editor
250. Copy Service
251. Corporate Gifts and Baskets
252. Corporate Trainer
253. Correspondence School
254. Cosmetics Shop
255. Costume Maker
256. Costume Rental
257. Costume Store
258. Coupon Books
259. Courier Service
260. Craft Business
261. Craft Classes
262. Craft Kits
263. Craft Supplies
264. Credit Counseling
265. Crematorium
266. Cricket Farming
267. Crime Scene Clean Up Service
268. Crochet
269. Cafeteria Services
270. Cross Stitch
271. Cupcake Store
272. Custom Bird Cages
273. Custom Car Art
274. Custom Jewelry
275. Custom Mailboxes
276. Custom Pet Bowls
277. Custom T-Shirts
278. Business List Service
279. Customs Broker

How to write an ebook

How to write an ebook cover They say we all have a book in us, don't they?  If you'd like to get your own book out of you, you might like to consider making it an ebook. 

I don't know about you, but I'm a bit of a free spirit - I don't like other people dictating how and when I do things, so for me, going down the ebook route (rather than the conventional publishing route) was a no-brainer.  After 10 years of self-employment, I really don't want to be dealing with any publisher-driven deadlines or re-writes!

Maybe, as a retiree, you can identify with that position?  Maybe you, too, have had enough of jumping through someone else's hoops and you just want to write your book in your own time and your own way...

If that sounds like you, check out our special report - How to Write an Ebook - written for the 100 Retirement Business Ideas website clientele, and costing just $5.  (That's currently about £3.05 if, like me, you're avoiding publishers in the UK. :)) 

How to Write an Ebook is an immediately downloadable,'no fluff, no filler' report that'll walk you through the process of writing an ebook from start to finish.  Here's the link: How to Write an Ebook.

Blogging Boomers Carnival #209

Blogging boomers carnivalIt's a national holiday both here in the UK and in the US, but don't fret - the Blogging Boomers are always on duty.  And it's my turn to host them this week, so, without further ado, may I wish you all a happy Bank Holiday or Memorial Day and give you (ta-da!) the Blogging Boomers...

First up, SoBabyBoomer tells us that there are a variety of symptoms that women may experience in the years leading up to and during menopause.  What many women don’t know is that there are several foods that can actually help curb many of the symptoms women experience.
Although Laura Lee, aka the Midlife Crisis Queen, is tired of all the media negativity about the process of aging, she has found "you are what you eat" when it comes to helping your skin age more beautifully.
Check out these eating tips for beautiful skin on her Healthy Aging Blog!

The Accidental Locavore’s friend, Cozy, was asking about ramps, or wild onions. That inspired a locavore pizza bianco with ramps, bacon and potatoes. See how it turned out and how you can make your own.

Did an Ojibwa medicine man find a cure for cancerVaboomer has a tale to tell.

Tom at Sightings at 60 points out that anyone who's been paying the slightest bit of attention to business news has heard as much about QE2 ending on June 30 as they did about the world ending on May 21. Except, on June 30, QE2 really will end. He outlines what QE2 has done for us, and how it will change our lives when it goes away

Over at The Boomer Chronicles, Rhea has her say about the great gender divide over Oprah.

And finally, we're up to retirement business idea #43 at 100 Retirement Business IdeasCheck out the ones you've missed.  They won't be the answer to all your financial prayers but you can choose the ones that appeal, tweak them, mash a couple of them together and fashion something that works for you.

That's all I've got, folks.  Have a great week!

More retirement business ideas being added every day...

No retirement button We now have 43 retirement business ideas posted on the 100 Retirement Business Ideas website.  Recently posted were:

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P.S.  If you're thinking of starting an online business once you retire, you'll need a copy of our free guide: Working at home online - Is it for you?  Get your copy here.

100 Retirement Business Ideas

Head Honcho Some of us tried retirement and were spectacularly unsuccessful at it.

Some retired early but not by choice.

Some just aren't ready to call it quits.

And some have come to the conclusion that they'll never be able to afford to retire.

Whatever the reason, many baby boomers and seniors are considering entrepreneurship as an alternative to retirement.

Whether your forays into entrepreneurship lead to you to becoming the next Donald Trump or Martha Stewart, or whether you just want to sell a few of your handmade bracelets on Etsy for a bit of extra spending money, we all need a place to start.

So here it is.  Your place to start...

I have a new blog - 100 Retirement Business Ideas.  (It's a work in progress - I don't have all 100 ideas up there yet - only about 15 at the time I was writing this.  But the draft versions of the posts have been loaded up and I'm making them 'live' as quickly as I can, so have a look at what IS there and bookmark the site so you can come back later and see what else has been added.)