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Blogging Boomers Carnival #5

This week, it’s my turn to host the Blogging Boomers Carnival.  And, what have I got for you?

Well, over at So Baby Boomer, there’s an article about boomers and online dating:

Gen Plus remembers Cass Brown, 50 plusser and blogger extraordinaire, who passed away on January 6th.  You can read that at:

At The Boomer Chronicles, a boomer remembers the crucial part that comedian Henny Youngman played in her 1960s youth:

Life Two asks the question, ‘What are you doing to celebrate middle age?’ The guys at LifeTwo interviewed Jeanne Stawiecki, who in her 50’s is celebrating middle age by attempting to become first woman in the world to run a marathon on each continent in one year, the oldest woman in the world to reach the seven summits, and quite possibly the oldest woman to summit Everest. Now that’s some midlife crisis!  Read all about it at:

Over at Rear View Mirror, there’s talk of making and keeping New Year’s resolutions:

Your Drum links to a U2 video of their song "Windows of the World," sung by legends of Jazz, Blues and Rock n' Roll. Watch it at:

And finally, is a midlife crisis determined by gender? Does it differ across generations? Is a midlife crisis a spiritual crisis, ultimately? Find out the answers to these questions, and why Nicolette Beard of man-o-pause dedicates her blog to men at:




I'm so glad to find these blogs, thanks! It's nice to know there are people like me out there!

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