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Aging in place with Universal Design

No-one who attends one of my pre-retirement courses gets away without learning about the concept of Universal Design.  The idea of Universal Design is, in the words of Wolfgang Preiser, Professor of Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Cincinatti, 'to make homes and furnishings that work for nearly everyone, of all sizes, shapes, ages and abilities'

One of the huge advantages of building or remodelling homes according to Universal Design principles is that as people age, they are able to stay in their own homes for much longer and, sometimes, even avoid the need to enter a nursing home or sheltered accommodation completely.

For more information (especially if you're thinking of a refit), check out the following article from


contemporary rugs

Contemporary design seems to be very prevalent with most new adult community constructions. In my area all of the new retirement homes are created with a contemporary flair, either externally or internally.

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