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Blogging Boomers Carnival #69

It's my turn to host the Blogging Boomers, so why not grab yourself a coffee, put your feet up for 15 minutes and enjoy a good read?

Let’s kick off with Cindy at Don’t Gel Too Soon who offers her contribution to a “virtual baby shower” for three women who are moving from one child to two.  The question: what’s it like?  The answer – well – mostly, great.   Find out more at:

Late with that Mother’s Day gift?  Dina at This Marriage Thing could just get you off the hook with this great idea for helping Mom have more fun!

The guys at LifeTwo present "Five Tips To Help You Find Work After 50":

Got funeral arrangements?  Rhea at The Boomer Chronicles wants to know over at: 

Ron at I Remember JFK reminisces about  the services that we grew up with which we took for granted would always exist… The guy at the gas station would always be willing to throw in some nice freebie just so we would continue to buy his fuel. Your favorite AM station would continue to blast great rock and roll music across the country after dark.  And you could always duck into a phone booth to make a call insulated from the elements and noise of the street. 

Laura Lee is the Midlife Crisis Queen and she poses the question, What makes a good marriage?  at: 

John invites you to visit the So Baby Boomer carnival tent to benefit from reduced taxes this year and beyond.  A "0" percent tax rate on long-term capital gains and most dividends is effective this year through 2010:

You’ve heard the saying, “Style is in the details”? Well so is the truth about your age!  Take a look at Fabulous after 40 to see what Boomer fashionistas Deborah and JoJami have to say about accessories that are too old, too young or just right:

This week Janet Wendy at Gen Plus brings us smack into the middle of her own career-chunking choices at mid-life.  Is this a knee jerk mid-life crisis?  Or the culmination of a life of career progression?

And finally, before you go, start your day with a smile by looking at these great ‘young me’ and ‘now me’ photos that caught my eye last week:


gail maria

Retirement? Are there people who can afford this without living under a bridge pushing a shopping cart? Of course I would have to move to a temperate part of the country where living outside is feasible. And then at least I can wear my cute shoes and ditch the snow boots, parka, mittens, and leggings! Ah the baby boomers; we'll be the first generation to outlive our money!
How does longeavity sound now?
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i'm cranky.

Nancy Mehegan

LOL Gonepausal. For many of us a retirement plan will consist of a shopping cart! By the way I do know a homeless man who lives at Newark Airport, NJ (USA) who honestly looks happy and ecstatic. Maybe he is delirious, but it always reminds me that happiness is a state of being. So here is to FAITH that we will survive. ~

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Nancy Mehegan

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