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Blogging Boomers Carnival #91

It's my turn to host the Blogging Boomers this week, so, without further ado, here they are:

What’s the quickest way to update your style and make you look your Boomer best? Check out this video by the Glam Gals about How to Tweak Your Chic using the latest accessories. Visit Fabulous after 40.

Want to know which celebrities are turning 50 this month?  Rhea at The Boomer Chronicles knows.

Cindy from Don't Gel Too Soon writes about The Powell endorsement, Sarah Palin and “that woman from Minnesota”.

So many questions about managing your own menopause or andropause...  Where to turn?
Here's what the Midlife Crisis Queen suggests.

John at So Baby Boomer writes: For many older Americans, fall is a bitter time of year associated with a deceptively sweet name: the "doughnut hole."

Baby boomers are less likely than the iPod generation to listen to podcasts. But if you think of podcasts as radio over the internet, it won't be too scary. Andrea Stenberg at The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur shares her favorite business podcasts.

A reader’s question gives Janet at Gen Plus a chance to ponder what career opportunity can really be after 50.

Ron at I Remember JFK's first coherent memory was the death of JFK.  However, many slightly older Boomers have have a similar photographic recollection of the death of renowned tortured soul Marilyn Monroe.

And finally, here's something rather counter-stereotypical from the guys at Life Two: Women who try and seduce a dating male before he feels the relationship has merited it. Read the story.



Thanks for the great articles. I am especially excited to learn about the Podcast Sisters from Andrea Stenberg at The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur. Their podcasts on Social Media are exactly what I need right now.

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