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Blogging Boomers Carnival #125

Blogging boomers carnivalIt's my great pleasure to host the Blogging Boomers blog carnival again this week.  Blogging Boomers is a collection of approximately a dozen participating blogs with authors who focus on the interests and issues of baby boomers. I like to think that, as always, there's something there for everyone, so, the only thing for me to do is to leave you to get on with it... Enjoy!

We kick off with Barbara Weibel at Hole In The Donut who takes the path less traveled whenever possible. Recently, she discovered the ruins of the Concord Woolen Mill on the trails winding through Heritage Park in Smyrna,Georgia.

John at So Baby Boomer tells us that, 'Here in the U.S., Baby Boomers were responsible for a 78% share of gross domestic product (GDP) growth during the bubble years of 1995-2005.  But today, it is estimated that $400 billion will come out of annual U.S. consumption as thrifty boomers push the savings rate from 1% to nearly 5%.' 

Who cleans your house? The Boomer Chronicles wants to know.

What’s tasteful and what’s tacky when it comes to baring your cleavage after 40? You be the judge with this interesting post from the Glam Gals at Fabulous after 40.

Into each life some rain must fall.  That's especially true for marriages.  Dina at This Marriage Thing shares her conversation with a friend on whether love is enough to keep a marriage together, or do you need more?

Do you ever think about your legacy?  How about the legacy of the entire Boomer generation?  The Midlife Crisis Queen answers this question from the perspective of how the Boomers have used psychology to change our world for the better.

LifeTwo asks "Are Your Conversational Habits Costing You Dates?"

If many hands make light work, then many brains make bright ideas. That's the idea behind the concept of a mastermind group. Andrea J. Stenberg of The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur explains the concept in her two-part series Using a Mastermind For Your Business.

If you are feeling frantically busy trying to find the dollars to pay your rent, Janet Wendy at Gen Plus, points to some possible reasons why.

Every felt an eerie presence in the forest? explores this "tree" feeling.

And, finally, I'd like to leave you with the Ultimate Guide to Clearing Your Clutter.

Thanks for reading!



Greetings, I loved the wedding entrance video! so funny! I was surfing, playing games, typobounty and came across some really cool sites- this one was of great interest to me. I am thinking about retirement and so I know i'm going to be watching this site more closely. thank you .

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