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Blogging Boomers Carnival #136

Blogging boomers carnivalIt's my great pleasure to host the Blogging Boomers blog carnival again this week.  Blogging Boomers is a collection of approximately ten participating blogs with authors who focus on the interests and issues of baby boomers. I like to think that, as always, there's something there for everyone, so, the only thing for me to do is to leave you to get on with it... Enjoy!

A mountain in the middle of Florida? Barbara Weibel at Hole In The Donut Travels assumed it was a myth until she visited Bok Tower Gardens and spent the day surrounded by beauty, beasts, and Carillon bells on the highest point in peninsular Florida.

When is it time to stop wishing and start doing? Laura Lee aka the Midlife Crisis Queen has some thoughts on that.

Boomers want to know how to prepare for the coming U.S. stock market crash and preserve their retirement nest eggs.  John Agno at So Baby Boomer says that a great buying opportunity is ahead for those who can keep their money safe until it arrives. 

Is one shoulder dressing sexy or silly on boomer babes? Find out if this fall’s hot new style will make you look like Wilma Flinstone, or a sexy mature woman. Visit Fabulous after 40.

At Writing Without Periods, Jenny reminds boomers to treat our spirits with tender-loving care and take a moment to remember we're divas! Check out 'Sometimes It's Tough To Remember I'm A Diva'.

A rite of passage for many baby boomers is the marrying-off of a child. Read about it at the Boomer Chronicles.

Here is one thing that has improved since the start of the recession - marathon times. With the number of jobless up so is the motivation and ability to train for a marathon, triathlon or just go to the gym. The result reports is faster running times, greater race participation and an overall improvement in health.

Andrea Stenberg at The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur tells the story of how one small business owner spent $100 to tap into a whole new client base in Noticing Trends + Taking Action = Marketing Success.

Janet at Gen Plus is boggled, muddled and befuddled by the world of code... well... almost.

Shake it Shiva! Vaboomer asks "What is your dance?"  Read more.

And finally, before you head off on that big trip, check out my handy list of travel reminders.


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