Blogging Boomers Carnival #145
Do you want to live to be 100?

150 words of advice for retiring women

I've just been asked by a journalist to provide 150 words of advice to retiring women.  150 words.  I've written sentences longer than that!  Nevertheless, here's what I came up with... (works equally well for retiring men):

Start living on your expected retirement income NOW to gauge how you'll cope.

Retirement is a 6-stage process, including the 'Honeymoon Phase' where you're experiencing all the fun of being retired and 'Disenchantment', when a feeling of disappointment or 'let-down' can occur.  It’s normal for this to happen.  Expect it.

Be aware that energy levels can flag directly after retirement (a bit like when you go on holiday or vacation and spend the first few days sleeping).  They'll recover.

Make a 'bucket list' of things you still want to be, do and have.  Tackle it.

What would a typical day in your ideal retirement look and feel like?  Write it down.  Get your partner to do the same thing.  Compare notes.  Talk about the differences.  Be kind to each other.

Get out and about.  Don't fall into the trap of watching daytime TV.  Do voluntary work - it'll make you feel good.


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