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Blogging Boomers Carnival #148

Blogging boomers carnivalIt's my great pleasure to host the Blogging Boomers blog carnival again this week.  Blogging Boomers is a collection of approximately ten participating blogs with authors who focus on the interests and issues of baby boomers. I like to think that, as always, there's something there for everyone, so, the only thing for me to do is to leave you to get on with it... Enjoy!

Barbara Weibel at Hole In The Donut Travels takes us on a trip down memory lane to Chicago's historic Maxwell Street, once home to the world's largest open-air market, complete with reminiscences from her 84-year old father who, as a young boy, helped his father set up at the market every Sunday.

What do you wear when it's too cold for sleeveless dressing, but you are sick of wooly sweaters? The Glam Gals show you a great way to transition your wardrobe and perk things up at Fabulous after 40.

Laura Lee Carter aka the Midlife Crisis Queen would like to encourage you to NEVER GIVE UP on finding your own right livelihood and your passion!  Miracles can happen!

With the Academy Award nominations out, who will be the most effective at getting viewers to buy the clothes they see on the red carpet?   Find out at SoBabyBoomer.

And, continuing with the 'Oscars' theme, Rhea at The Boomer Chronicles asks, “What makes the Oscar nominations this year different from those of other years?”
A little over 3 years ago, the following was posted on LifeTwo.com, "Hi, My wife is having a mid life crisis and has said the marriage is over. I'm completely devastated...". Since that time almost 3,000 comments have been left with people telling their own stories. If you or someone you know is facing anything similar then this is definitely a must-read.

Would you bid on healthcare? How much would you pay for Botox, an H1N1 vaccine? It’s All About Aging looks at an online site for bidding on healthcare.

Remember the Flip hairdo?  Vaboomer.com explores the hair styles of the 1960s.

From pre-crash to post-crash, the question remains the same... how the heck do I get a job at 50 plus? Janet at Gen Plus replies to a reader comment.

And, finally, my own contribution: 5 important questions you can ask a new or existing financial adviser to help you gauge if their advice is any good or not.


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