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Blogging Boomers Carnival #159

What will you call yourself once you retire?

Head Wasa A new client told me about her friends' name for a person who has retired and not really managed to establish a new identity for themselves in retirement - a 'wasa'.  When asked what they do, they reply 'I was a (insert pre-retirement profession here)'.

Will you be happy to be a 'wasa' once you retire?  Or will you feel compelled to build a new identity for yourself? 

My client, who still has plenty of projects she wants to pursue, both paid and unpaid, thinks that she'll refer to herself as a portfolio worker - defined at as 'a person employed in a series of eclectic positions or in part-time or short-contract positions'.

Her friends, who coined the term 'wasa', were civil servants, but now make a living as artists now that they are retired.  Other people, who still do occasional work for their old company or clients, prefer to be known as consultants and those who are finally free to start up retirement businesses can call themselves entrepreneurs.

So, what about you?  What will you call yourself once you retire?


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