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Blogging Boomers Carnival #161

Blogging boomers carnivalIt's my turn to host the Blogging Boomers this week!  If this is the first time you've come across us, we're a band of 10 (or so) baby boomer bloggers who write for other baby boomers.  We cover a variety of subjects each week, which means that you're highly likely to find something of interest.  So, without further ado, here we go:

After wandering around Mexico for a couple of months and in light of the recent US State Department advisories, Barbara Weibel at Hole In The Donut Travels discusses whether it is safe to travel in Mexico.

Boomers aren't known for following conventional wisdom, but that doesn't mean you haven't gotten some great advice in your lifetime.  SoBabyBoomer suggests that you tell the world the best advice you have received in your life.
Any of you who are struggling with midlife change, might find inspiration by viewing the new film, "Georgia O'Keeffe".  The Midlife Crisis Queen found it to be quite a treat!

Jumpsuits... Boomer women? Do they two go together, or are they a ridiculous combination? Find out if mature fashionistas should embrace or avoid this latest fashion trend at Fabulous after 40.

David fighting Goliath. The ant and the grasshopper. The rabbit and the hare. Esther and Haman. Usually the good guy/gal/insect is the winner, but in the case of the lovely, quiet community of Encino Village (architected by Martin Stern, MGM Grand), Janet at Gen Plus notes that Goliath seems to be stomping on David.

Stories without Words - a genre of children's books enormously popular in Europe. Read review at

In a lighthearted mood, this week, It’s All About Aging wonders how men have survived all these years. We look at 10 calls that did not change the world, and ponder survival of the fittest.

The Boomer Chronicles wants to know, why do adult daughters almost always end up the caregiver for aging relatives?

Among other things, healthy aging can be described as the process of both preventing and then managing diseases. LifeTwo reviews two recent books that address the medical scourges of diabetes and cancer.

And finally, from me, there's a quick link to information about some of the latest travel scams and rip-offs.

Enjoy reading!


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