50 Things I learned about retirement - #2
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50 Things I learned about retirement - #3

50 things cover This is a taster of my brand new '50 Things I Learned About Retirement' eCourse (more details below):

Couples don't always talk to each other about retirement.  For example, a survey of 502 married couples approaching retirement uncovered the fact that wives and husbands often had different understandings of their plans and preparations for life after retirement and found that:

  • 61% disagreed on which income source (savings, pensions, Social Security, etc.) would be their primary source of funds in retirement
  • 58% disagreed about whom their spouse would turn to for financial guidance in the event of the other spouse's death
  • 41% disagreed about whether at least one partner would work in retirement
  • 39% differed on the amount of their life insurance/assurance coverage

(Source: Fidelity Investments)

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