50 Things I learned about retirement - #3
50 Things I learned about retirement - #4

Blogging Boomers Carnival #194

BBC heart Happy Valentine's Day from the Blogging Boomers!  It's my turn to host today - see the lovely, valentine-y, word mosaic I made for you on the left there?  Don't say I don't show you any love!  As for the rest of my blogging boomer colleagues - they love you too and this is how they're showing it this week...

SoBabyBoomer tells us that Valentine's Day is for the young at heart.   A recent poll indicates that 72% of Boomer respondents are interested in finding a date for this year's romantic holiday.
Pink Himalayan salt blocks to cook on, have you ever tried it? Follow the Accidental Locavore as she learns how to cook with them at a class at the Meadow in New York. 

Vaboomer looks at some "hidden history" of America.

Let’s face it.  Being eternally angry at your ex is the great American pastime. Have you ever considered all of the angry, ugly feelings we are surrounded by constantly as half of all American adults decide to end their marriages?  How do we move on after that?  The Midlife Crisis Queen has a few suggestions.

The Boomer Chronicles loves iPhone apps. Here are the Top 15 on her list.

Andrea Stenberg at the Baby Boomer Entrepreneur talks about Three Myths Business Owners Have About Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

And, finally, there's my own offering... last Wednesday I started a 50-part series entitled: 50 Things I learned about retirementHere's #1.


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