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10 Free online tools to help your organise your life

Whether you want to use your retirement to spend more time with family and friends, start a retirement business or just spend more time doing the things you love doing, here are 10 (well, okay, 11 - I couldn't decide which one to leave out!) online tools that should save you time, money and stress!

Google Alerts – If you want to keep up-to-date with a particular subject or area of interest, one way to do so is with Google Alerts. You can use it to monitor any topic, name, person, place, or event being discussed across the Internet. -- This free productivity suite is an excellent way to get any word-processing type activities completed without having to buy an expensive program. – If you're organising any kind of group activity such as a meeting or reunion, this group scheduling app enables you to send a group invite that allows everyone to collaborate on when the meeting will take place. This helps avoid the back and forth emails that can get everyone confused. – Trello is a great way to remember ideas, collect supplies, and get your thought process in order. Organising anything you want to do is easy with Trello. You can track all your to-dos in one place, and they have a mobile version. -- Need a vision board to help you brainstorm and see what you need to do? You can get the free version of this drag and drop collaboration board today. For people who work better with a visual plan this is a great way to be more productive. -- Even with all the other applications available, Skype is still a winner when it comes to offering free, clear, phone quality one-on-one talking ability over the Internet. You can't beat it.

Free Conference Call – Want to get all your family members together for a chat at the same time? This free service allows you to arrange group phone meetings quickly and easily. – Thinking about starting a blog? This is a free blogging site run by the popular Wordpress. It's different from self-hosted WordPress but it's a good way to start as you can always buy a domain and move it to your own hosting later. -- This free open source graphics software is almost as good as big name versions and it's totally free. People say if you can use Photoshop, you can use Gimp for the same actions. Why not give it a go? It's free!!!!. If you need a website you can get a basic site up and running, fast. Then upgrade later. The website builder is an easy to use drag and drop builder. You sign up for free and then choose the focus of your site, a brochure site, a blog or a store. Then, choose a theme and get started. It's simple and quick to get online. Once you start earning money, you can easily upgrade to a site with your own domain for as little as 3 dollars a month.

And, finally...

AGV Antivirus -- This is a free antivirus software that you can use to protect your computer from receiving infected files. It works with many web browsers and the free version works fine for most people.


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