Marquis of Bath sacks all staff aged over 65

A year before laws come into force which make it illegal to force older workers out of employment, the Marguis of Bath is 'letting go' all staff aged over 65 at Longleat Estate and Safari Park - the popular tourist attraction in Wiltshire.

The 27 members of staff include tour guides, cashiers, cleaners, telephone operators and ticket booth attendants and they all have been 'let go' during the past two weeks.  18 of these staff members were aged 70-75, seven were aged 75-80 and two who were still working in their 80s.  Read more.

Can you help The Big Issue help homeless people in Manchester?

Big issue north Anybody who lives in the UK knows what sterling work The Big Issue does with homeless people. The Big Issue is a limited company which employs staff to write, design and distribute a magazine that is sold by homeless people across the UK. This gives them the opportunity to earn a legitimate income.  It also gives them motivation and self-esteem. 

I learned today that the team at The Big Issue North are running out of the money they need to provide breakfasts for homeless people in Manchester. 

I can only imagine what it must be like to sleep rough on the streets of Manchester in sub-zero temperatures.  I can, also, only imagine what it must be like to receive the comfort of a hot breakfast after a night spent sleeping rough.  Any donation you could make, however small, would be gratefully received by Big Issue North at

If you do decide to donate, after you've inserted your credit card details, there's a final page where you can make a comment.  If you could type 'For the Breakfast Club' in that box, that would make sure that the money goes to the right place.

Many thanks