Doing the hard things...

I've been pondering the following Les Brown quote since I discovered it about a week ago:

Les Brown quoteIf you think back, over the course of your life, how often has this been true for you? (For me? A lot! Particularly with regard to finances and exercise!)

And, looking ahead to the rest of your life, are there any hard things you need to start doing now that will make your life easier in the years to come?

Would love to hear what you think in the comments section below...

Great Quotes: On getting your retirement butt into gear

“When you’ve worked all your life, and you’ve worked hard, long hours, then all of a sudden there’s nothing, it leads to a blank mind and you’ve got to find something to do otherwise you’ll go stir-crazy. You can’t get up in the morning, watch television, then go to bed at night – that’s more or less waiting for God isn’t it? So you’ve got to start looking at projects.”

— Cultural Engagement Project Participant, Gateshead, UK

Great Quotes

Great quotesAs a society we spend millions on research to extend people's lives.  We'd spend thousands to give ourselves that extra 6 months of life... yet if, in the middle of our lives, we hit procrastination mode, we may not bat an eyelid at letting 6 months slip by unnoticed, almost like we are in a life-coma. Why is 6 months at the end of our lives so much more precious than 6 months slipping by in the middle?

Marianne Cantwell

Thought Provokers

Great quotesYou must constantly ask yourself these questions:
Who am I around?

What are they doing to me?

What have they got me reading?

What have they got me saying?

Where do they have me going?

What do they have me thinking?

And most important,

what do they have me becoming?

Jim Rohn


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