Journaling Prompts to Help You Stay Healthy During Lockdown

1. What does it mean to you to be healthy?
2. What have been your biggest health struggles while being at home?
3. How has your mental health been?
4. What has been causing you anxiety?
5. What are your biggest fears during lockdown?
6. How has your physical health changed?
7. What weight trends have you noticed recently?
8. How has your diet changed since spending more time at home?
9. What is causing you the most worry?
10. How has your exercise routine changed?
11. Are there any home workouts you've tried?
12. Pick at least 3 new at-home workouts you can try in the next week.
13. Pick an exercise you can do with others you live with.
14. What do you think is the most important aspect of nutrition?
15. What are some healthier food items you can add while at home?
16. Try adding some structure to your day, then journal about your experience.
17. How have your cravings changed since you've been at home?
18. Do you feel you tend to eat more when you're bored?
19. Have you noticed any emotional eating tendencies?
20. Go outside to walk and get fresh air, then journal about how you feel afterwards.
21. What is one way you can embrace and take advantage of being at home?
22. What are the main sources of your stress lately?
23. What are some stress-relieving activities you've tried?
24. What hobbies have been keeping you busy?
25. Try creating a new daily routine that encourages healthy habits.
26. What are 5 things you miss from before you were locked down?
27. What are 5 things you look forward to when things get back to normal?
28. Name 5 people you can’t wait to spend more time with.
29. What are 5 things you can be grateful for right now?
30. Make a list of healthy snacks you can add to your diet.
31. How have you been socializing lately?
32. List some ways you can reach out to people more.
33. What is something you've always wanted to try?
34. If your productivity is suffering, what are some reasons you think that is?
35. Give yourself a break – what are some things you believe you've done right?
36. List self-care activities you've participated it while being locked down
37. List some NEW self-care activities you could begin
38. What is a creative activity you can try while being at home.
39. List the main things that have been on your mind lately.
40. When you think of how you spend your time when you're bored, what comes to mind first?
41. When the lockdown is lifted, what's the first thing you plan on doing?
42. How has lockdown changed your mindset?
43. What do you think you took for granted before quarantine?
44. Have you read any books while in isolation?
45. How do you think life will be different moving forward.
46. What are some changes you have made that have improved your health so far?
47. List 10 ways you can be physically and mentally healthier while at home.

20 Journaling Prompts for the New Year

  1. What are 3 goals you completed last year?
  2.  List 3 goals you didn't get around to
  3.  What will be your main focus this year?
  4.  What do you feel has been keeping you from achieving your goals?
  5.  What are your biggest challenges with regard to productivity?
  6.  How could you become more productive?
  7.  Name 5 things you could do to improve your life in 2020
  8.  What's causing you stress right now?
  9.  What are some new stress relief methods you could try this year?
  10.  What made you choose this year's resolutions?
  11.  If you could achieve any one thing this year, what would it be?
  12.  What is something big you achieved last year?
  13.  Write a journal entry as if you have already achieved your 2020 resolutions
  14.  What are the 3 main areas of your life that you want to improve?
  15.  Name 5 people you would like to get back into contact with this year
  16.  How do you feel about tracking your progress towards your goals?
  17.  List 10 new things to add to your bucket list this year
  18.  What is one thing you want to complete in the first quarter of this year?
  19.  Do you have support for your goals?
  20.  Who is someone you admire for the way they're living their life in retirement?